How to Stop Sugar Cravings?

How to stop sugar cravings
How to stop sugar cravings

Sugar addiction is a major problem for many people, and it can be incredibly difficult to break this habit. However, with the right approach, it is possible to stop sugar cravings and improve your health.

One of the first steps in breaking the addiction to sugar is to understand the different types of sugar addiction. According to board-certified internist and energy expert Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, there are four distinct types of sugar addiction. These include the emotional addiction, where sugar is used as comfort food to deal with stress and emotions; the biochemical addiction, where sugar cravings are driven by hormonal imbalances or nutritional deficiencies; the yeast overgrowth addiction, where the body has an overabundance of candida or yeast that causes sugar cravings; and the toxic addiction, where sugar cravings are caused by toxic exposure or environmental factors.

Once you understand your own sugar addiction type, you can begin to address the underlying causes. For example, if you have an emotional addiction to sugar, you may need to address the underlying stress or emotional issues that are driving your cravings. If you have a biochemical addiction, you may need to address hormonal imbalances or nutritional deficiencies. If you have a yeast overgrowth addiction, you may need to treat the candida overgrowth and take a good probiotic. And if you have a toxic addiction, you may need to address any toxic exposure or environmental factors that are contributing to your cravings.

One of the keys to breaking the sugar addiction is to enjoy your sugar in moderation, rather than binging on it. This means pacing yourself and savoring small amounts of high-quality chocolate, rather than gobbling down large quantities of low-quality candy. It also means finding healthy substitutes for sugar, such as stevia, which can be an excellent sugar substitute for those who like the taste.

Another important step in breaking a sugar addiction is to create healthy energy. Rather than reaching for sugar as an “energy loan shark,” try starting your day with a combination of a good vitamin powder, such as the Energy Revitalization System, and a 5g scoop of SHINE ribose. This simple drink can effectively boost your healthy energy levels and help you to break your sugar addiction.

If you’re feeling fatigued or irritable when hungry, it’s likely that your adrenal “stress handler” gland is driving your sugar cravings. To address this issue, try increasing your salt and protein intake and drinking a cup of licorice tea each morning. This can help to support your adrenal gland and reduce your sugar cravings.

If you have chronic sinusitis or irritable bowel syndrome, you may be dealing with candida overgrowth that is contributing to your sugar cravings. In this case, treating the candida and taking a good probiotic can be a powerful one-two punch that can help you to break the sugar addiction.

If you’re in your 40s or 50s and dealing with anxiety and depression, these may be caused by estrogen or testosterone deficiency. In this case, bioidentical hormones can make a world of difference and help you to break the sugar addiction.

Overall, breaking the sugar addiction is not easy, but it is possible with the right approach. By understanding your sugar addiction type, addressing the underlying causes, and creating healthy energy, you can stop sugar cravings and improve your health.