Doona+ Car Seat Stroller Review

The moment I received my delivery from PishPosh Baby and opened the packaging, you can see how well packed it comes, so you know there’s no way anything can get damaged during transportation.

The manual is clear and easy to follow, with plenty of pictures actually showing the right model (unlike many other brands that have one manual for all the products they offer on earth). The installation of the base in the car was easy-peasy, and I have the distinct impression my child’s carrier will be safely secured with it in any circumstance.

Let me tell you about the transformation from stroller mode to carrier mode! It is ridiculous how easy that goes! One: You do not have to take the baby out of the stroller to put him in the car. (Think of the winters, not one second will your precious one be removed from comfort.) Two: Nothing to fold weirdly or put in the trunk. Everything folds into itself in one simple move. Three: We timed it to 3.5 seconds from walking on the sidewalk to being secure in the car. Your little prince or princess won’t even wake after falling asleep during the walk.

Oh, and should you ever be stuck somewhere without access to your car where the base is installed, no problem. The stroller can, in its carrier mode, easily be installed in ANY car with seatbelts. Talk about flexibility! You can take the cab home after a long walk.

Going back from the car to the stroller is just as simple. Junior can continue his nap and won’t even notice the three seconds it took you to go walking with him. The stroller is very light, even a mom barely out of the maternity ward can carry it. This makes putting it in or taking it out of the car very easy.

But wait until you go for an actual walk with the stroller! You will be amazed at how easy it is to go around with. The wheels swivel like nobody’s business, and you can guide your child around any obstacle with the push of only one finger. The sunshade actually folds out far enough to provide decent protection from the sun and isn’t only there for the looks of it.

Let me tell you,  Doona (available for purchase at PishPosh Baby) is on my list of top 10 things to get for any new parent!