Why drop Money on JPEGs

Forward-thinking expecting couples and parents are no longer content with merely investing in properties and bolstering bank balances to secure their children’s futures. Instead, in 2022, visionary parents are turning away from tangible assets and moving towards sustainable Blockchain technologies to carve out a piece of the pie.

The emerging NFT space is bursting with creativity and unlimited potential. However, as with every new and burgeoning market, it can be tricky to achieve a thorough understanding without getting overwhelmed in the process.

To gain better insight into this novelty arena, it is beneficial to identify factors that render specific NFT projects more appealing: originality, uniqueness, inspiration, and functionality. When combined with a project’s ability to answer a basic need, these factors make an endeavor particularly worthwhile.

Beyond this Stellar combination, when browsing projects, it is essential to choose those that embody your core values and that, above all, you believe in. These are the ones that will provide an accurate and satisfying partnership with the greatest return.

Recognizing this unlimited potential, The Baby Bunch NFT Project is the love child of NFT enthusiast parents working to maximize their children’s futures where it counts in modern-day reality. To achieve this goal, The Baby Bunch (TBB) is building NFT based community designed to uplift and support like-minded parents within a sustainable framework.

Our team is comprised of NFT enthusiasts, where we began our journey as spectators at the end of 2020 and transitioned to active investors at the beginning of 2021. As parents ourselves, our project was founded, designed, and exclusively geared towards expecting couples and parents.

The project’s ethos is based on a sense of duty to build a community rich in content and services that provide intellectual property to each member. This code of conduct creates a platform suitable for parents wishing to obtain further knowledge, services, or assistance from the project members and individuals outside of its scope.

Aside from regular competitions and prizes worth tens of thousands of dollars, The Baby Bunch includes creativity-based competitions with cash prizes and exclusive merchandise for members. Furthermore, all NFT holders who become new parents will receive a maternity bonus from the project at the time of sale.

The Baby Bunch believes in a sustainable approach that caters to all aspects of life and has partnered with the Atlanta Center for Wellness. It provides all members with exclusive access to live virtual sessions led by experts in various fields, from meditation and mindfulness to parent coaching, couples counseling, self-improvement, and much more.

At The Baby Bunch, we understand the transcendental importance of community, which led us to find the ‘Parent to Parent – Community Growth Program’ designed to provide a platform where members with the relevant skills and abilities will receive financial bonuses (up to $5000) that they will be able to use, leverage, and publicize their work with for the benefit of both the community and those outside of it.

The Baby Bunch’s guiding ethos is “By the Community, For the Community and Beyond!” With this in mind, our pride and joy is without a doubt our BABY CRIB venture, which was born out of a simple question: “What do parents want?” The answer is obvious. “A vacation!” Guided by the parental need for freedom and the occasional break, we have made caring for our TBB members a top priority.

For this reason, the project will purchase an apartment set in a prime location in one of Europe’s most desirable cities where TBB holders will be able to stay free of charge exclusively. For members who are already parents, we will also provide a travel nanny for a night so that you can truly enjoy a fun night out.

Beyond the amazing trip, The Baby Bunch recognizes and considers the current situation in the world. To make sure that you don’t miss out on the fun, we will additionally gift a TBB holder with a family vacation in their local area.

The Baby Bunch is only at the start of its journey, and like bringing new life into the world, TBB is a community-based project bursting with unlimited potential. TBB will provide a trusted source of information, knowledge, tools, and assistance from selected professionals and community members for parents and expecting couples to build a strong and vibrant community based on partnership, innovation, and the support of like-minded couples and parents.

Come and be part of our sustainable future.