Dooney and Bourke – Feeling Nice with a Nice Bag

There is an emotional reaction between my friends when I say “Dooney and Bourke”. It’s kind of funny how a bag can have an emotional reaction when in all reality,  a bag serves the purpose of carrying objects.

But yet, here we are, one bag has caused my friends to go, “Oh my goodness, is that a Dooney and Bourke? “

It’s interesting also how different bags have a different reaction. I was thinking about this as I wore this Dooney and Bourke that you see in the photo. Some bags have the effect of emotional jealousy and almost distance.

I remember seeing someone with their bag that shall rename nameless, and thinking, “how hell do they afford that bag”. I won’t name any names of what type of bag but you get the idea.

I wore the Dooney and Bourke Sullivan Coated Cotton Shopper for the day, just to judge the emotional reaction.

Dooney and Bourke has an emotional reaction of approachability. They are certainly exceptionally nice and exceptionally admirable bags, but yet there is an approachability and a kindness to them. The emotional reaction to wearing the bag wasn’t be being stuck up but me having a nice bag.

See, I’m in Long Island where I’ve certainly seen people judge one another sadly based on their bag. I hate that feeling. I want a nice bag where I like it and look great, but not feeling judged and questioned.

What I enjoy about the Dooney and Bourke is is just isn’t admired bag but without the pretentiousness that some bags go with it. This is the kind of bag you get your mom or wife when you want them to feel like they have a really nice bag without all the other drama.

Happy Mother’s Day!