Did you know Sour Punch Candy is made by the American Licorice Company?

It’s kind of funny because I never heard of this company before, and now that I’ve learned who they are it’s like all of the dots connected together. American Licorice Company is the company behind Sour Punch Candies and Red Vines candies. In addition, they make Torie and Howard candies too. They’ve been around so long that they actually made candy shoelaces for Charlie Chaplin.

First of all, I do love the fact that I’m hitting up a company that is not necessarily one of the big names. I like the fact of working with a company that is right here in America. Having opened in Chicago in 1914, I had no idea the company existed and was privately owned for over 100 years.

Easter Candies

I’ve been a big fan of Sour Punch Candies, but for reasons, you wouldn’t imagine. I love how they’ve taken their regular sour candies and have now made varieties for Easter. What you see in the photo are all candies made by American Licorice Company, but now with an Easter theme.

Easter, I love that they’ve taken their Sour Punch candies and have not only themed them with a look for Easter but actually the flavors, and everything else has changed for Easter. One of my biggest gripes is when companies simply label something for a different holiday but don’t change anything. It feels like a quick cash grab and not necessarily going along with the theme of the holiday.

Sour Candy

See, I’ve only recently learned that there is an entire movement of using sour candy as a means of overwhelming the stimulus for kids with ADHD, thereby helping them focus. I remember when people told me eggs were good and then they were bad, and then eggs were good and then eggs are bad, and now I’m finding Missouri kids who are actually benefiting from sour candy.

Overall, I love the fact that there is an American company that is giving me other options; options for ones that my kids love, with a whole sour angle.