Dr. Sharp Natural Oral Care

Plain and simple: Dr. Sharp Natural Oral Care products are the best.  The goal in this house is always to search for better products for our bodies as well as the environment.  These products are doing just that: non-gmo, no gluten, no alcohol, no flouride – just healthy and clean mouths with no harshness whatsoever.  The adults of the house are loving the “Fresh Mint with Green Tea” products while the kids are all smiles (get it – smiles….) for the “Wild Berry”.  I do want to say that my kids are not fans of anything new and for some reason think that if a favorite TV show character is on the package that instantly makes the product better.  They were skeptics but both said “Mommy this tastes great and doesn’t bother my mouth”.  Home-Run.  I tried it as well and its a yummy fruity flavor and I feel good knowing the kid’s mouths are being treated with a super great product.  The “Fresh Mint with Green Tea” is not only appealing in taste but the aroma sort of fills the bathroom with a spa-like ambience.  I am super happy with the quality and my mouth feels refreshed, clean and ready for the day.  I love the mouthwash (hint of licorice, sage for sure) along with the mint freshness and no harsh burning sensation.  I think I am a fan for life.  http://www.drsharpcare.com/

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