Dragon Glassware Review

dragon glassware

Dragon Glassware is not to be confused with dragon glass, the weapon used in the HBO TV Show Game of Thrones. It is a modernistic take on glassware with a unique style that is distinctly its own.

What you see in this photo is the decanter set, the upside-down beer glasses, and the cocktail glasses. You can see that even with its style, they still all work together. You can distinctly tell what makes up that Dragon Glassware look.

It’s the fact that every angle is counter to what you would expect. The wine glasses have a unique lean to them, 45° to the right. The beer glasses are upside down and they have this thermos, insulating-like space between the layers of glass. The cocktail pieces have that same feel with the added effect of them being lightweight. And each piece has the dragon glassware logo.

This is certainly a unique gift for that person in your life who wants a nice set of glassware. It is such a well-done piece it makes them nice conversation pieces. If you’re registering for a wedding, this is a standout piece for your mantle or china cabinet as opposed to a standard set you might find in your local department store.