Salt Shooters Gift Set

Himalayan Salt Tequila Shooters Gift Set

The fall brings mention of family gatherings and holiday traditions.  Even though we have to do these things in smaller, safe groups, we can still see our loved ones and participate in our usual plans.  I am loving this gift set from The Spice Lab that will be a great housewarming style treat for the host!

Their Himalayan Salt Tequila Shooters Gift Set is amazing quality.  It comes with 4 100% Himalayan Salt shot glasses and a wooden tray with ceramic dish for your lime slices.  They really are beautiful to look at; like perfect rose quartz is actually what came to our minds.  Now I know what you are probably thinking…during COVID times are these a smart idea??  Well YES THEY ARE because Himalayan Pink Salt is naturally anti-bacterial.  They can be easily cleaned and reused for years to come.  We personally are enjoying them chilled and store them in the freezer between use.  This is priced perfectly for all your upcoming holiday needs! While you are on their website though please check out their amazing array of spices and sweets.  This is 250 million years in the making and I found myself filling my cart with all sorts of goodies!