Dreame Robot Vacuum – Review

I’ve had robotic vacuums for the past few years, and this truly has blown me away. It took a few minutes of a learning curve to get used to the better tech, but after that, I think I’m in love.


First of all, LiDAR is one of those things that once you see, you will be blown away. Essentially the robot maps the entire room (as you could see in the photo) and determined yet everything is to find the most efficient way to clean it also see where it might have missed.

This was part of my learning curve because it kept running into things that really shouldn’t have. That said, it’s super easy to draw “virtual walls,” and it figured it out relatively quickly.

Since we have an open floor plan, the entire floor can take well over an hour, but what’s cool is you can sub-divide it by room. Also, it will just go back and charge and complete the job again later. The problem in the past was just moving the robot around to areas it missed.

Don’t make the mistake of judging it in the first three minutes while still learning!

I love the fact that it basically gets better over time. The more it understands the room, the more efficient the device gets.



It comes with a mop feature which is a nice little add on although I admit I just loved the robotic feature the most.

Don’t get me wrong, the mop is awesome, but I’m finding, in my house with kids always running around, it’s so frequently dirty that I barely get past the first stage of cleaning.

Mi Home by Xiaomi Smart Home

I’ve never heard of Xiaomi, but this really gives a run for the money compared to what I’ve seen here.

It’s solidly built and designed well.  I found the interface extremely easy to use and really had barely a few minute learning curve. Most of that was just getting used to the fact that this was an extremely smart device.

I set it up in minutes with both Alexa as well as Google Home.

Even how it was shipped, it’s just packaged and presented well.


Overall, this is an extremely well-built and powerful machine. It’s so unbelievably smart, and price-wise it really is a great value compared to the competitors. I strongly recommend it.

There’s a great deal running on Amazon right now.