Where to get Long Island’s most-coveted bagels

Living Long Island which is pretty much world-famous for bagels.  Long Island bagels are considered the world’s best and possibly only rivaled by New York City bagels.  The people of Montreal feels they have good bagels,  but it’s not the chewy baked goodness found here. And don’t even mention New Jersey bagels.

Long Island bagels are so top-of-the-world that when locals have out-of-towners visit making sure they stuff them with Long Island bagels is a requirement.

Not sure where to find the best bagels on on Long Island? Here is our list of the top bagel places to try. These are in no particular order, so don’t get all judgy.

Bagelry RVC

I love how the Bagelry delivers. They have this super small car and basically show up in no time flat!  Amazing service. This is actually the one I personally use and personally love!



Bagel Biz

This is one of the most gorgeous bagels I’ve ever seen. I mean look at this stack! Look how tall this is.



The Better Bagel

I’ve never seen candy cane bagels but feel a need to do have these in my life. Maybe I’ll ahng them by the fireplace with care.


A and S Bagels

Meat, meat, meat. The Pauly” Roast Beef with Melted American Cheese and Bacon looks like a hardy dinner that can convert a vegetarian to a meat lover.


The Original Bagel Boss

This is the original. And of course, it’s world famous due to a youtube video that went a bit viral.

The Bagel Master

This is the breakfast of my dreams. I would eat this and not eat for the rest of the day.


Broadway Gourmet Caters

Look at those pumpkin bagels. I can’t even get my head around these, they look so amazing. Sure it’s not pumpkin bagel time at the time of this writing but look at them!


Strathmore Bagels

Did you have a late night and just need a pick me up? HEre’s your chance to get through the next morning!



Wally’s Bagels

Look, traditional and world famous rainbow bagels. Maybe you like rainbows or want to celebrate gay pride. Either way, you can’t go wrong.



Bohemia’s Little Bagel Shop

This is one of the most beautiful shots that I’ve seen of Everything Bagels. Who doesn’t love that?


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