Dreame Tech T30 Handheld Vacuum

Every so often, there come in items that I’m super excited to review. And the Dreame T30 vacuum cleaner was undoubtedly one of them. My reasoning was because everybody is used to handheld vacuums, but what made this different is that somebody finally improved the handheld vacuum.

The traditional handheld vacuum has become pretty much the standard in most households with minimal improvement over the years. I feel like the T30 vacuum cleaner brings this to another place.


First of all, this was probably one of the best vacuums I’ve used to clean my car. As you could see in the photo, I just switched the attachments and found that it scrubbed the material better than when I took it to the car wash only a few days earlier. No, that is not a fake endorsement; this thing it’s like a full-sized vacuum in your hand.


The second feature is intelligence, where it’s reading the degree of dust that gets sucked into the vacuum. This is interesting at first and brilliant when it comes to the auto feature, but I admit it wasn’t something I really needed to watch after the first few minutes, but it did reflect how smart the vacuum was.


What really was amazing, though to me, was the turbo mode. Turbo here is a complete understatement. This turbo mode is so strong it can practically lift things off the ground. This is stronger than I’ve seen in most regular vacuums. In fact, after using it for a few days, I kept it only in turbo mode. I found it so much easier than normal mode. I know I probably am not supposed to have used it that way, but it was honestly amazing watching how much dirt got picked up even after I clean the house.


Overall this is not the type of vacuum I grew up on and a marked improvement from its predecessors. I highly recommend it.

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