Halo Sport Hydration Drinks

With school sports still catching up full swing and the weather getting hotter (and the masks still happening) I am making sure this year more than ever that my kids are really hydrated.  Dehydration is a scary thing; it can lead to fatigue, cramping, brain fog and more.  Even scarier is that most of us walk around dehydrated all the time anyhow.  We are loving the great organic hydration drinks from HALO SPORT.  These drinks contain naturally occurring electrolytes and absolutely no synthetic coloring and added sugar.  The bottle is full of lemon juice and essential vitamins to help replenish your body of what they are sweating out on the field.  I always worry about the calories in these drinks (some have this fake picture of being good for you and are actually glorified soda pop) but these are 10 calories and only 2g of sugar so you are chugging one of these babies on ice with absolutely no worry or guilt.

The flavors are kind of awesome.  I personally tried the pineapple and the blood orange which were amazing.  My kids are loving the pink lemonade and the peach so this is just a win-win in this house.

Check them out for summer sports, camp and your beach cooler!