Who has hands that are so dry they hurt? Mine are cracked and sometimes bleed.  This is part due to winter cold and part due to the fact that I am constantly washing my hands, kids hands, dishes…the list goes on.  This week they were actually painful and I am THRILLED to have had a great new skin treatment fall into my lap this week.  Check out DU’IT  which basically is transforming my super dry hands and making this super amazing barrier against weather elements, soaps, paints and other job related hazards you may be exposed to.  Honestly; I’ve been using this lotion for a few days now and even though it says you see results in 5 days I am seeing them right now on day 3!  This stuff is sooooo not greasy and chock full of vitamin E, tea tree and more!  It is healing, removing dead skin cells, preventing the loss of essential/vital oils and more!  Also, I want to mention it smells pretty good!

This is not hard to find in stores (I know CVS carries it) and you can also buy right on their website: http://www.du-it.com.  It will only cost you $12 which is an amazing price.

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