Meguiar’s Auto Care Products

Today is the first day of Spring…which means Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is around the corner and instead of waiting until the last-minute why not get some ideas in motion now!

A few pretty awesome auto care products landed in my lucky lap this week and since we had weather nice enough to give them a try I am here reporting back to you tonight.

So the hubby is loving him some of Meguiar’s Mirror Bright Polishing Paste Waxyes a mouthful to say but boy is it worth it.  This is legit three in one cleaner meets polish meets protection.  We have tried waxes in the past and quite frankly hate the swirly streaks it leaves on the car; kind of filmy residue that drives me insane.  This is leaving a smooth “brand new” look on my car which is black and usually hard to please LOL.  The tin will cost you around $14.99 and you gotta grab it.

They also have this new, fantastic Vinyl & Rubber Treatment which the hubby was foaming at the mouth about.  This is for trim, wheels even will work on your engine!  I went to work on the dashboard and it really works well!  Such a great product and an amazing price!  Oh and Meguiar’s great Microfiber Towels are exactly what you need to leave that streak free finish with no scratches whatsoever.  Like $8 for a three pack!

These are a MUST for Dad’s Day; check out their site for all their amazing products!



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