Easter Dress Perfection!

Easter and the coming of Spring always get me excited to dress up the kids for some egg hunting fun.  I always try to find matching colors and some kind of cute theme.  Its very hard to find quality apparel for dressy occasions these days.  Everything is just so casual which makes me nuts!

Feltman Brothers is PERFECTION in children’s apparel and accessories.  This is the Vintage dressy looks we were raised with.  Amazing quality and timeless designs.  These are “ready for the photographer” style items.  Everything on their website is like going “Old School” when classic style was all around us.

I was treated to the beautiful Daisy Dress ($59) that is just elegance and beauty all wrapped up together.  It is perfect for Spring, Easter or really any upcoming occasion (think Baptism/Communion etc).  It features hand embroidered fly sleeves and has easy open buttons down the back for diaper changing ease.

I have to say that no matter what event you may have coming up you are in great hands with Feltman Brothers.  I love how each item has hand stitched work, and that old school baby layette feel.  I cannot wait to shop with them for my next holiday.  So many great gift items for all seasons!

Check them out!