Brewing Buddha Teas!

This mom is always on run and enjoys a good cup of tea to either start the day or finish it off the right way.  Buddha Teas only use fresh, organic herbs and tea leaves and stay away from the nasty chemicals, preservatives and flavorings.  These are 100% Kosher, unbleached tea bags of only clean ingredients.  I adore their Detox Dharma Blend.  It contains ginger root, turmeric root and more that will flush your system and act as a much needed antioxidant these days.  How about a tea geared towards optimum wellness?! Mushroom Wellness Blend will be your new friend (immune boosting, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant).  Ingredients cover cell growth, healthy blood pressure, stress relief, heart protecting, gut health, healthy cells and aid in stomach ailments.  One of their more popular blends is Reishi Mushroom.  This is a super easy to drink tea full of the “mushroom of immortality”.  Once again and quite the pattern here are benefits that include improved immune function, anti-inflammatory and promoting healthy cell growth.

So many additional great options – I really feel the quality in these teas and cannot wait to try more and more of them.  They really have a blend for every preference you will have.   They have it all whether you are looking for loose leaf, herbal, premium blends, green teas, chakra teas, black teas and more!

Think Mother’s Day, teacher gifts and much more!