ECO Therapy

In my mind I am sitting on a nice, quiet beach and just listening to the ocean waves.  But in reality I am sitting in my office handling about 100 things at once.  And I know that most of you are in the same darn boat as me.

Now what if I told you there was this amazing product line that will help you revive, rest and relax.  ECO Therapy will legitimately give you a daily dose of nature.  This is CBD oil meets essential oils and broad spectrum amazingness.

I personally love the mints – three kinds here.  Rest will help you wind down and has a great combination of lavender, melatonin, CBD oil and more.  Relax will calm you down and is a blend of CBD oil, chamomile, ginger, green tea extract and more.  Revive will lift you up so you can get through your tasks and is a combo of CBD oil, orange oil, sage, ginseng, B12 and more.  The mini tin size is perfect for your handbag so you always have what you need on hand.  They also have a great line of vape pens in the same options which I have to grab some of right away since my experience with the mints was so great!

You will be prepared for whatever the day happens to bring you and probably feel so much better at the same time!  Check them out!