Boom Again

Who doesn’t love a good board game.  We have this great closet full of family games and I adore getting to check out a new one.

Enter Boom Again for some Friday night fun.  This is all pop culture from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  We are talking advertising slogans, politics, movies, music tv and so much more.  My mom and a few of her friends had a great time being nostalgic about all the fun times they had when they were a bit younger.  I was cracking up listening to them talk about their hula hoops, American Bandstand, I Love Lucy and yup…the disco era.

I love how the game works; the question cards are grouped into super great categories like “things we heard”, “things we saw”, “stuff we learned on the street” and “things we learned in school”.   It is definitely going to bring up so many great memories and I really enjoyed hearing the laughter in the living room.  You can play time and time again because the game comes with over 2000 different questions! Oh and the game tokens totally fit the theme (roller skate key, JFK pin, dog tags and more).

The game is about $45 and a great gift for birthday’s, anniversaries and the upcoming holidays!  Please check it out for yourself!