Eden’s Garden Brings Truly Exceptional Essential Oil Goodness!

One of my favorite ways to get through the workday and actually sleep better at night is by diffusing a great blend of essential oils.  They are just so good for you; some will lift you up, help you concentrate, make you feel better, help you sleep and so much more!  I find that aromatherapy really works well for me and as such I always want to try out a new product.

Eden’s Garden brings you 100% pure essential oils for wellness.  There are no fillers, toxic chemicals, or synthetics.  They are all ethically and sustainably sources and GC/MS batch tested to guarantee that you only get quality and safe products.  Ok so they have over 250 oils to choose from and you can create your own box which is just amazing and convenient.  Make sure you have lemon, peppermint and lavender at all times and grab some of their others (I swear I have a use for each and every one they offer).   Their synergy blends combine great oils to make this super style elixir to cure what ails you.  For example, Anxiety Ease is sweet orange, ylang ylang and lemongrass to calm your tension.  Breathe Easier is great for coughs and colds and has a great combo of lemon, peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary.  Fighting Five is a MUST; lemon, cinnamon leaf, Moroccan rosemary, clove bud, eucalyptus globulus and eucalyptus radiata boosts your immune system.  Who doesn’t want a crate of that blend right about now!
They also have oils for your kids, roll-ons to keep in your purse for aromatherapy on the go, carrier oils to make your own concoctions and these awesome high quality diffusers! I have their Diamond Diffuser ($65) in tan (also comes in pink, black and white) and couldn’t love it more!  It is very stylish and will be a nice addition to your room.  The weight of it is great; not cheap plastic like so many others out there.  It has different mist settings so you can set up just how much aroma you prefer.

Please check out this amazing company!  They are the best!