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I was not really familiar with probiotics until my son’s doctor recommended that he take them to help his digestive issues. At the time the only food I could find them in was yogurt, and even then it wasn’t easy. I had to go to one particular store that stocked that yogurt. Now it seems the term “probiotics” is all over the place, including the relatively new EFFI Foods products.

Probiotics are strains of “good” bacteria that are naturally found in your digestive system (mainly the intestines). You can take supplements or consume foods that have probiotics in them, which helps build or maintain a healthy amount of the good bacteria. The probiotic mix used by EFFI Foods is dairy free which additionally helps reduce inflammation.

As I mentioned earlier, I was frustrated with the limited options I had for my son. I wish I had found options like EFFI Foods back then. They have snack bars (CareBar) and granola that make great snacks for kids, and they come in a variety of flavors. The Coconut & Cacao Nibs is probably the best of the CareBars since it’s kind of like brownies. The other Carebar flavors include Green Tea & Honey Lemon, and Goji & Cashew (which seem targeted towards a more mature palate).

The granola comes in cluster form, and is grainless. In other words, it’s made from nuts and not grains. This is important for those who are taking probiotics as part of an anti-candida regimen, which requires one to avoid wheat as well as dairy products. However, people with such regimens must pay attention to the carbohydrate levels as they may be too high for the initial stages of the diet. The Grainless Granola snacks are available in Pumpkin & Pecan, Almond Butter & Walnut, and Raspberry & Almond.

EFFI stands for Eco Friendly Foods Initiative, which designs plant based and organic foods. The company is built upon the ideas, not just of nutrition, but of sustainability and environmental protection. Regardless of your reasons, EFFI Foods is a good investment. It’s healthy snacking, appropriate for many restrictive diets, and good for the world.

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