Honeywell battery-powered and plug-in wireless doorbells

I found wireless doorbells at Although there are several versions, they all have the same basic components. There is a button that looks kind of like a small remote that you can mount outside. The mounting hardware comes with the button, but it’s designed so that you can remove the button from the mounting. That way you can easily change the batteries. The doorbell box receives a wireless command when the button is pushed, and plays a sound that you set, including the option of song segments that you can upload from your computer via a USB cable.

The Series 5 and Series 9 both have a Halo Light that frames the speaker as well as lights on top. These lights are adjustable. You can decide which lights you want on or you can set it to have no light. The color of the halo light is also adjustable between light and dark blue, white, red, green, purple, and yellow.

There are two models of the Series 5 doorbell. One plugs into the wall. The other one, like the Series 9, is portable. The portable models are like the buttons. There is a mounting kit that remains anchored to the wall that the doorbell fits into, and the doorbell runs off of batteries. Each model is nice, and even though the plug-in model isn’t referred to as portable it is just as easy to take it with you from room to room if you want to do so. The Series 5 models have a wireless range of 350 feet, whereas the Series 9 model reaches up to 450 feet.

It’s probably obvious, but there’s adjustable volume and even mute settings. You can mute it completely, or set it to mute for a specified amount of time (3, 6, 9 or 12 hours). That’s a neat feature if you don’t want to be bothered, but I don’t think I’d ever use it. I’d want to know if someone was at my house, especially at night. There are plenty of other features for you to explore, or you could always give it as a house warming gift.

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