Egg Mazing Decorators for Christmas

I’ve said this a few times now, but the pandemic has my house more creative than ever.  We are taking time we never really had before to “smell the flowers” and use our brains to create.  Honestly, it has been a true breath of fresh air around here.

Egg Mazing is truly a great company to help your kiddies get excited about art, decorating, holidays and more! Just this past Easter my kids enjoyed the original Egg Mazing to make such awesome and unique decorated eggs for our holiday table.  This is full throttle fun and creativity with ZERO mess.

How about the TreeMendous Holiday Ornament Decorator? This is truly original ornaments to trim your tree that will create lifelong memories!  For just about $25 you have yourself the ultimate ornament creating machine complete with ornaments and markers!


Next up is the DinoMazing Egg Decorator.  For $28.00 you can decorate your very own dinosaur eggs complete with your very own mystery dinosaur.  You are making your very own designed dinosaur eggs and after the art portion you get to crack open the decorated egg and reveal your dinosaur and some icky gooey slime.  You can actually take apart the dinosaurs and recreate your very own unique breed!

Check this great company out for the upcoming holidays!