Chalk Of The Town

COVID-19 is bringing out the creativity in all of us.  All this extra time has us going nutty and in return is bringing out the artist in us.

Chalk Of The Town is the perfect example of a company that is promoting the creativity in all of us.  The rules are simple; “draw, wear, erase and repeat”.  You can absolutely create a new “shirt of the day” each day.  The shirts are durable, machine washable and totally reusable.  Each day you have yourself a new canvas to create what is on your mind.

First stop are the stencils.  You can grab up all different styles like peace, sweets, ballet, birthday, happy camper, space and more.  Their marker packs are awesome and include the perfect combination of color choices.

Both kids and adult shirt sizing are available.  They have awesome chalk “canvases” like hearts, pumpkins (totally appropriate for now), unicorns and speech bubbles.  Also available are patches that you can stick to any flat surface or sew onto denim, a hat, tote bag etc.  Think how awesome it would be to create a new note for your child each day!  I personally am totally loving the tote bag options.  My daughter is daily designing her heart tote that she can “recreate” each day.  It is like a new bag everyday.

Check this great company out!  Pricing is perfect for the upcoming holidays!