Eggo Is Celebrating Daylight Savings

I have to give Eggo  credit because they definitely have a unique promotion for daylight savings time. Eggo is taking the angle of how hard it is for parents and how exhausted we are. On this point I 100% agree.


They ran a survey saying that 54% of parents feel like making breakfast is a chore. I dare say that most of my life feels like a damn chore. I wake up in the morning and I’m exhausted already. I’m cleaning up after the kids left and right. I go, I didn’t need a survey to tell me I was tired. My life is a freaking chore.


So now there is the harsh reminder that spring is moving the clocks ahead which basically means I lose an extra hour of sleep. I was already freaking tired and now I have an hour less of sleep.

I’ll be honest, I never really saw the strong need for Eggo in my life prior to today, but now that I think about the fact that I’ll have one hour less of sleep I am quite happy about throwing an Eggo in a toaster and smiling my way across the day.


See then again I’m digressing into the anger of being exhausted but in reality I have fond memories of Eggo as a child. It was that comfort food that I would just throw in the toaster and run off and eat everyday.

Generally speaking it was the food I could throw into the toaster, run to school and feel a sense of joy with. Maybe then again in hindsight it was a reflection of my parents being exhausted themselves.

That’s a different issue.

Nowadays, I try to make a grown up version and take two Eggos and throw a flat veggie flat sausage right in the middle but that’s a different story for a different day.


So to celebrate this lack of sleep, on March 14th, which is today, they are running a giveaway. All you have to do is follow in add go on Instagram and Facebook and you have the chance to win.


So if you’d like to celebrate the loss of sleep for Daylight Savings Time, run to Eggo and win.

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