Electronic Fireplaces are Selling Out at Walmart with this Noreaster

Electric Fireplace HeatersThe combination of us being trapped at home with Covid and the fact that we are being hit by a Nor’Easter, Walmart is selling electric fireplaces like crazy.

The stand alone units don’t require a fireplace, chimney or anything and are basically plug and play.

The advantages?  They get hot and not so hot that you can really harm a child.

They look a million times better than the ones you grew up with.  I always remember my aunt with one of these that looked like a 1970s screen and really just looked terrible. These things can actually look pretty decent.

Lastly, electric fireplaces are cheap compared to a fireplace. No firewood, no headaches, no mess.  You just plug it in and boom there’s heat.

And since they are really targeted to the room you’re in, they’re actually a great way to save on the heating bills.  Why pump up the heat in the whole house if you’re all just sitting around the dining room doing your remote working.

Given the fact that the economy is terrible and it’s cold as hell outside I think these are a great option to consider if you’re looking to heat up your home.  Not endorsing Walmart or not, but I love the idea you can order these online and just do a contactless delivery.   Check them out here.

Do you have an electric fireplace? Do you love it?