No Fade Fresh Color

Since we are all home so much now and try to avoid any extra “trips into public” any new hair product that we can use easily at home and provide color and brightness to our head is an immediate plus in my book!  This week I am checking out No Fade Fresh products and couldn’t be more impressed with the quality.  These are shampoos (natural,vivid,pastel) and conditioners (natural/vivid/pastel) that boost your color with amazing shades of blue, red, purple and pink or even pastels (light grey/blue, pink, purple) for the blondies out there.  You are simply depositing cool color to your hair while taking a shower!  How cool is that!

The cost is $14.99 per bottle and for the quality I almost cannot believe it.  I am kind of a subtle person so I started with a lighter more natural blonde/brown color to test out but this was so perfect and simple that I will be adding a slight purple hue to my head over the weekend I think! I love how they offer duo’s meaning the whole set so you know you have everything you need all matchy matchy!

I also want to recommend their Clear Conditioning Mask ($10) that repairs your hair in seconds.  This will help restore what your hair is missing!