Elementa Nano Silver Oral Care

What is Nano Silver?  Well I didn’t know either until these cool products arrived in my hands.

Elementa has these awesome oral care options I really think everyone may need.  This revolutionary solution is plant-based technology that will neutralize the oral acid in your mouth while killing bacteria at the same time.  Everyday, bacteria in your mouth forms a film on your teeth that will kick calcium to the curb and cause cavities.  Nano Silver will stop this dilemma in its destructive tracks.

Here is what we love:

Nano Silver Toothgel: This comes in four awesome flavors like Peppermint, Cinnamon Clove, Honey Sweet and Wintermint.  Each will cost you $10 which is completely reasonable.  I love the Wintermint.  I use this twice daily (morning and night).  Toss on your brush and use as you normally would.  Spit the foam out and rinse well.  I really think this is making a difference and I am literally on day two of using it.

Mouth Rinse: Also comes in the same awesome flavor options.  Cost is $20.00.  Things it helps combat includes killing bad breath, dry mouth, and neutralizing acid.  This will whiten your teeth.  It is also non burning, fluoride free, alcohol free and pretty much amazing.  I personally recommend the Cinnamon Clove.  You can also buy easy to use refills so you never run out.

Other items available as well.  You must check them out!