Brush Buddies Review

If you’re looking for something to motivate your kids to start brushing on their own, you may want to check out Brush Buddies.

It’s not an ordinary tooth brush, but have characters that will be fun for the kids! For example, their PEZ Brush! Kids LOVE their candy, and if they like PEZ, they might actually want to brush their teeth with this new brush. The brush is the same size as a real PEZ dispenser! And they even have the same little character on top! And the best part of that is, its not only for show, but it keeps your brush clean and sanitary! When you take your brush buddies brush out of its packaging, press the button to extend the brush to regular size. Then, remove the head and you can start brushing! Your kid will probably love having a “cool brush”! The tooth brush has great ‘key features’ that you’ll love about it! So what are you waiting for, get brushing with brush buddies!  The PEZ/Emoji brushes cost about $7 each which is totally reasonable!  The “Poppin” brushes extend their length but a simple press of the button!

This is a great idea for holiday shopping; think stocking stuffers!  Even though I’m a teen I actually opened one right away and am using it myself.  This means it is perfect for any age kid (young through teen).

Check them out!