Elephant in a Box EZBed Review

I have never shopped online for a bed, but thanks for Elephant in a Box, I have no qualms about doing so now.  Elephant in a Box started with sofas and a Kickstarter campaign, and has now branched into the high quality EZBed. 


I was a little skeptical of a bed that comes in a box and how sturdy it would be, not to mention how easy to assemble it would be.  The EZBed delivered what was promised.  The bed (minus mattress) came in one box, and if you order a headboard as well, that also only comes in one box.  It took less than 15 minutes total to set up the EZBed base and headboard, with very easy instructions and a video on their website.  I was able to assemble it by myself and it didn’t require any tools, curse words, or bandaids by the end.  I have never had a bed that was so easy to put together, and I really wish the Elephant in a Box EZBed had been around before my last move.  What was great too was that as easy as it was to open and assemble, it was just as easy to take back a part for easy moving and storage. 

Elephant in a Box is made with honeycomb technology in order to provide strong, durable, and sturdy support that can hold up to 8,000 pounds.  So, you won’t have to worry about those extra holiday pounds making your bed creak as you get on and off the bed.  The bed base, when you open the box, comes in 9 pieces, 8 pieces that make up the structure and one that is the cover.  The cover is also able to come off and be washed.  The fabric on both the cover and the headboard is soft and comfortable.  They have Queen and King sizes for the bed and colors available are Charcoal and Grey so it can really fit in with any room decor.  The headboard is cushioned, and really finishes off the look, giving the bed a classy touch, and at only $149, it is very affordable to add.  The bed base is $399, so altogether you spend less than $600 on a bed base and headboard that will last longer than your mattress.  Elephant in a Box EZBed also comes with a 30 day trial with free return, but I don’t know why you would want to return it!  The EZBed does NOT come with a mattress, but with the price of the base and headboard, it leave room in the budget for a mattress if you don’t have one already.  Elephant in a Box also offers free shipping and they ship out quickly.  For more information and to also check out their sofa and sectional options, go to https://elephantinabox.com/index.html.