Top Products for Expecting Moms

With the holidays fast approaching, here are 4 useful and thoughtful gifts for an expecting mom in your life to help alleviate the stress that comes along with preparing for the little one. 

LaborGrip- “Get a grip on labor.”

Labor is no joke, and no matter if you are planning for an epidural, natural, or C-section, those contractions HURT!  LaborGrip is a new product out in 2020 that is designed to help “get a grip in labor” by giving the mom something to focus on and take the pain out on as she squeezes the LaborGrip.  I know my husband wished it had come out sooner to save his hand from being squeezed by me!  The LaborGrip is ergonomically designed for easy hold with a palm grip and gripping pad.  There are four springs that are adjustable under the removable gripping pad on the bottom.  You adjust each to allow for maximum comfort that still gives enough force to help alleviate pain during contractions when you squeeze the LaborGrip.  It is small and lightweight, so it fits easily in the go bag for the hospital, and is even small enough to fit in your pocket.  Check it out at

Countdown to Mama

Countdown to Mama boxes are the perfect gift for expecting moms to celebrate themselves and the new baby that is growing inside.  The boxes come already packaged in a decorative canvas bag, so no gift wrapping needed!  There are 14 little drawers to open in the box, a countdown for the 14 days or 14 weeks until baby arrives!  The box is designed that it can even be gifted to a mom after she has had her little bundle of joy because each drawer contains an item that is something an expecting or new mama needs, will enjoy, or just celebrates the amazing transition to motherhood!  The Countdown to Mama box is only $185, but includes over $249 worth of goodies.  This is such a thoughtful and unique gift for baby showers, holidays, or anytime for an expecting or new mom.  They can be shipped in 5-8 business days, and because the box comes in a canvas bag and then bubble wrapped in a shipping box, it is ready to go directly to the mama!  Order one for yourself or a expecting/new mom in your life at

UpSpring’s Milkflow Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle Lactation Supplement Coffee Drink Mix

All new moms that are breastfeeding really miss their coffee, especially when baby has been up all night.  UpSpring is well known for their Milkflow lactation products and now they have a coffee flavored drink mix that really does taste like coffee!  You can be guilt free while satisfying your craving for that cup of coffee, while helping boost your milk supply for your hungry baby.  They comes in individually wrapped packets, so it is easy to toss a few in your purse or the diaper bag to have on hand.  The coffee flavored drink mix  is made with fenugreek and blessed thistle for promoting a healthy milk supply.  They can be enjoyed hot or cold, and there is a small amount, only 55mg, of caffeine in the drink mix that is naturally occurring in the ingredients.  It is gluten free, sugar free (does contain Stevia), and calorie free.  Check out the Milkflow Coffee Flavored Drink Mix at

Owlet Smart Sock and Cam

The Owlet Smart Sock and Cam combo offers a way to monitor the safety of your child and provides peace of mind for any parent.  The combo box set includes: Smart Sock Sensor, Fabric Sock Kit, Base Station, Owlet Cam and Magnetic Base, Wall Mounting Kit with Cable Guards, Power Adapters, USB Power Cables, and the Owlet App instructions.  The Owlet Smart Sock has sensors that track your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep.  It sends information to the base station and then your phone that notifies you if your child’s heart rate and/or oxygen levels go to low or too high. The Owlet Cam allows for two way audio so you can listen to and talk to your baby.  The high definition picture is 1080p and add that to the 130 degree wide angle lens, the Owlet Cam gives you a clear and detailed view of your precious angel.  It has night vision, so even at night you can see just as clear as you can in the daytime. Get more information and order your Owlet Smart Sock and Cam on


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