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ELLE jewelry is an extension of the famous Parisian magazine ELLE founded by Hélène Lazareff. Their goal is to create jewelry that is a merger between classic and modern designs, that captures the prestige of today’s Parisian style and provides women with a way to express themselves.

Whether or not they have met this goal is obviously open to interpretation, but I think this first necklace is a good example of that goal. It’s got a fanciness to it that reminds me of some of my grandmother’s ornate pendants, but it’s not too big, and the simple looping design does have a modern feel to it. Like their other pieces, this one is sterling silver with rhodium plating. It includes a 6.5mm medium quality (3A) machine cut cubic zirconia and a 1.2mm faceted Rolo chain with a length of 17in with another 2in extension.

As you can see on their website www.ellejewelry.com, there are many different collections that each have their own unique element, whether it’s the design, or the color, or the stone. That first necklace is from the Promises 2.0 collection. I personally prefer the pieces in the Eternity collection.

The Eternity collection has a continuous line theme that reminds me of a simplistic and fluid form of the Celtic Knot design. For example, this pendant is a 40mm single piece of sterling silver that is wrought into a looping design that gives the appearance of a circle within a circle. It’s hung on a 28in Rolo chain with a 2in extension.ELLE earrings

There’s more than just necklaces, though. The ELLE jewelry collections include earrings, rings, and bracelets as well.

The matching double circle earrings pictured here are also in the Eternity collection. Each earring is a 30mm sterling silver hoop. They have a length of 1 and 1/4in, and width of 1/8in and a diameter of 1 and 3/8in.ELLE ring

Finally, this ring of interconnected circles is also from the Eternity collection. Like the other pieces I’ve shared, it’s made of sterling silver. In addition, it had a rhodium plating that gives it that whitish glow. With a width of 1/2in, it has a sleek look to it that I really like.

Regardless of which collection you choose from, all the pieces are made of 925 sterling silver and plated with either rhodium or palladium. In addition to an extra shine, these hypoallergenic coatings keep the jewelry from tarnishing. For the pieces that incorporate gems, ELLE Jewelry uses semi-precious stones, crystals, and cubic zirconia. Their choice of materials allows them to offer their jewelry at prices that, in my opinion, are more affordable. Their prices range from $50 to $250, with an average of about $110.

There is one catch. If you prefer to purchase your products online, the ELLE Jewelry site doesn’t provide you with that option. Instead, they have a store locator section where you can find stores near you that carry their jewelry. If you have a favorite, or an ELLE Jewelry story you’d like to share, let us know.

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