Equitance Skin Care

We are getting older each and every day.  We are sleep deprived and work too hard.  The side effect: dark spots, discoloration and poor skin tone.  18 years of research, enter “Equitance” skin care part of Sunstar brand products.  This line will bring you radiant skin by bringing together Japanese purity and special hydration extracts like cherry blossom leaf and shell ginger.  These products can be used on any skin type (boy am I sensitive and these products worked so well with me!).  Please give Equitance products a few months to see optimal results: after all, beauty isn’t built in a day especially with what we put our skin through.  My household checked out their brightening line and I must say we feel pampered and so well treated!  Their “Brightening Foaming Cleanser”, retailing at $30.00 helps rid your skin of pollutants and the day’s make up.  The “Brightening Toning Lotion” ($50.00) restores and maintains skin tone.  “Brightening Serum and Spot Corrector ($125.00) uses patented technology and linoleic acid to add radiance to your skin.  This one; please use daily.  Its part of my new regime.  “Hydrating Brightening Cream” ($70.00) is a DREAM COME TRUE!  The lotion is super soft and creamy and the hydrating goes on all day long!  Perfect timing for the summer sun comes “Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 36” ($30.00) which I am personally using as a make up primer.  It goes on so soft and smoothly, cannot be seen under make up and thankfully is super fast drying.  “Skin Radiance Dietary Supplements” ($50.00 for 180 tablets); now these are a true treat.  Our diet works hand in hand with our skin tone.  Definitely give these a try to enhance your skin health and vitality.  They even offer a convenient trial kit for both vacationers and skeptics: I warn you: within 3 days you will be shopping for every item in the line.

Want to learn more? Please visit equitance-us.com and like them on Facebook at facebook.com/equitanceUSA.  They offer coupon codes and ideas that will bring your skin up a notch in no time!

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