Heat Holders Thermal Socks

I saw something on Facebook earlier this week that said something like its 29 weeks until Christmas.  I feel like I am still paying for this past Christmas.  Anyhow; in honor of that information I bring you “Heat Holders” Thermal Socks.  These are quite possibly the most comfortable and warm sock you will ever purchase.  I see this as a perfect solution for anyone who works outdoors (cops, firemen, construction).  They would be great for the avid all year fisherman or camping enthusiast.

Heat Holders are scientifically tested to be 7 times more warm than your average cotton sock.  There is a three-step process involved here that makes this so.  First, their special thermal yarn provides super insulation.  Their knitting process includes a longer looped cushion pile that holds in the warmth.  Thirdly, the companies brushing process maximizes holding onto the warm air for 100% warmth and 100% comfort.  These socks carry a 2.3 TOG rating.  (Don’t fret; I didn’t know what that was either).  TOG or “Thermal Overall Grade” is a lab standard that measures thermal ability.  The higher the rating, the better the sock is at keeping your feet warm.  An average cotton sock would hold a 0.33 TOG rating while an average thermal sock would carry a 0.89.  These 2.3’s mean serious business!

I have a feeling these babies will be a staple for the husband this winter.  Please visit heatholders.com for more information and to purchase products.  Heat Holders Thermal Socks retail for around $15.99/pair and come in a variety of styles and colors for men, women and children.  You can also purchase thermal undergarments, hats, and tons of different winter wear.  Christmas in JULY!


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