E/T Lights

I love me a cool gadget that inspires myself and my family’s safety.  Please do yourself a favor and check out the awesome E/I Light that we are all fighting over in my house.  Short for Emergency/Triage Light, this bad-boy sports super strong and multi-color lights great for so many needs!  This light was so easy to use; press and release the button until you land on your illuminated color of choice.  For shut off, hold down the button for a quick 3 seconds.  I quickly and easily filtered between red, amber, green and blue.  Think outside the box on all the uses like for the elderly, sporting events, in crowded venues with/without your kids, pets, first responders, the children.  And this is me just naming a general few!  I love the durability of the light; you definitely don’t have to worry about little hands breaking it.  The light will cost you around $30.00.

The innovative company also offers a free app called Visual 911+ which helps you and your family create their very on disaster prep plan and even communicate easily with one another when an emergency strikes.

These can truly be gifts of safety and organization perfect for anyone!


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