Lucky Iron Fish

New Year New You?!  We are really trying in this house!  Love me a chance to test out an innovative product that adds iron to our diet!  It turns out so many people are iron deficient (half the world’s population actually).  Iron is the magic behind getting oxygen through your BODY and if you don’t get enough your skin is pale, you are tired all the time, dizzy, can’t concentrate and your hair/nails can suffer. I am checking out Lucky Iron Fish  ($25) which claims to get this iron back a healthy level for myself and my family.  All you have to do (and keep in mind I have no free time LOL) is clean the “iron fish”; a cute fish that fits in the palm of your hand with soap and water.  You then boil the fish with a few drops of citrus (I used orange essential oil) for 10 minutes and then remove the fish.  You now have yourself “iron-fortified” water and you can use as is or add your ingredients.  It really didn’t add much time to my cooking agenda and I am thrilled to be adding the iron we so desperately need through these easy steps.
Make sure you don’t put the fish in the dishwasher and microwave, and do not over boil.   Their website has awesome recipes ; we spent Monday preparing delicious Quinoa Vegetable Soup.  

The fish is good for about 5 years; you can extend life by using their “protection oil”.  The company is pretty awesome too and gives a portion of the proceeds to distribute fish to communities in need.

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