Exploring Colors Art Subscription Boxes!

I have been writing about different kinds of subscription boxes for quite some time now.  Truth be told, I truly love them.  You get all these surprise items all month long (its like Christmas whenever you want it to be).

Here is a great option for the creative kids you live with.  Exploring Colors is this great monthly art box suitable for kids K-5.  You get a great selection of high quality, non-toxic items and 4 YouTube lessons per month!  Yup; online art lessons that work with the items you receive.  Our box had great modeling clay, markers, beeds, pom-poms, pipe cleaners and more.  Looks like we can be well on our way to make an awesome trinket box and a greeting card for sure among other awesome ideas!  The box contains everything you need for one lesson per week and then you set the kids up with the art lesson on their tablet and they can work independently to create something awesome!

The box costs $50 (what….for four projects: how is that possible?!?)  It ships on the 1st of the month and renews automatically until you cancel it.  Not that you ever will!  One more thing; the box is suitable for one child so you may need more than one.  These are great gift ideas too!