Father’s Day Early Prep?!?

I get to check out all the exciting and amazing skincare products as part of this cool gig.  Most are super “girly” or “flowery” so I am thrilled to show you a couple more “manly” items this time around.  Consider checking these out; we are adoring them here in my house.

Olivina Men Body, Face & Hair Wash: This is all in one body wash or soap for men’s hair, face and body.  The scent is an awesome mix of musky oak, bergamot clove and vanilla.  This is completely perfect for the teenage scene as you can barely get them to shower let alone use different products for hair/body etc.  This is one stop: pump in hand and wash the body/hair.  This is premium and free of parabens, phthalates and totally cruelty free.  Cost is about $15.00 for a 16 oz pump bottle.

Stryx Gel Cleanser: in continuing with the male “teenage-ness” I have going on here I want to mention pimples, hormones and acne of any kind.  We are really loving this gel cleanser for removing dirt, oil and other impurities from the skin.  Very easy to use, no overbearing scent and face is soft and not dried out after use.  Cost is about $12.00.

PIt Liquor Products: Ok; these are adorable and quite honestly the perfect Father’s Day gift.  Think deodorant meets hand sanitizer that is safe for your skin.  This is high-proof, drinkable alcohol (safe enough to ingest) that is now in our intimate spots (armpits).  They offer spray on and roll on options of which we’ve tried both.  Great scent options but in particular we are loving Whiskey Lavender ($20) made from vodka, whiskey and essential oils/herbs.  It totally works; the hubby was free of any “stench” for hours on end and we couldn’t believe it.  Their Whiskey Black Pepper option is the perfect combo of spice and clover.  Kind of loving that each spray bottle lasts about 3-4 months.  Roll-On options cost about $13 and offer a couple of awesome scent options.  They last about 2-3 months and do not feel super wet after use.

Check out all these great “manly” skincare options!