My eye need magnification and protection from the sun…

The moment I realized I couldn’t read the menu in my favorite restaurant I knew we had a problem.  I keep thinking in my mind I am still 20 and boy oh boy I am not.  I am taking this opportunity as a fashion challenge and I was thrilled to receive some new “readers” from  This fantastic company has such great styles to choose from.  And get this….they have hundreds of styles under twenty smackers.  You can search by frame shape, frame style and frame size.  Then pop in your magnification needed and you are on your way.  I adore “The Myrtle”; they are great quality, fit my face so well and are really comfortable.  These guys are worth a look-see; see what I just did there?!?

Now to combat the sun on my drive to work, I am always on the hunt for new fun shades.  Enter Perverse sunglasses and it is like Christmas in July!  Once again, you do not have to spend a fortune to have great fashion for the eyes.  I mean I am just a regular momma; I don’t have a trust fund to spend!  I have myself two new styles for under $50 each.  The “Beryl” (featured in my picture with the lighter oak arms and the amazing cat eye shape).   These are perfect for soaking up the last few days of top down drive along the coast warmth I can!  Now the “Fresh” model are chic, sort of roundish modern looking and will absolutely be a staple with my fall wardrobe.  I have a pair with a beautiful burgundy/gold finish – also just under $50.  Side-note and this is awesome: since we all live in a selfie world, feel free to tag @PERVERSEsunglasses on instagram and the company will make a donation to UNICEF.

Adore-adore-adore these two new vision options that not only help my tired mommy eyes but also make me look like a rock star.

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