EyeBuyDirect for Mother’s Day

I took a picture of these glasses next to the case because I just found the packaging gorgeous too.

Anyway, why do I love EyeBuyDirect?

First, the pricing is stupidly affordable. If you want a basic set up, you can get a paid for under $30.

Secondly, this pair, that you see has the add-on of Transitions Xtractive.

What is Transitions Xtractive? Basically transitions lens that are actually good! I’ve always hated and turned down transition lessons because I found that they just didn’t do the job.

This stuff actually works.  It transitions perfectly well the second you get outside and they really block out the sun.

Now for the main point of why I love this place.  It’s that combo of reasons one and two.  See, I love fact that if I just need a quick and easy lens, that’s easy.  Boom, I can get a $20 pair. Heck, I just order a pair of lenses the second I break one.

BUT if I want to upgrade, that’s okay too. No pressure, and I can just add on any bit of it that I want.  So you can get more or less depending on what you want.

Check them out at EyeBuyDirect.com