MaskFone – Is it a Mask or a Phone or Both?

Of course, it was only a matter of time before somebody combined a mask with a Bluetooth headset and it’s actually brilliant.

See the MaskFone clearly is a mask which handles all of your covid-19 protection worries. And yes, it has an internal filter to add on to really increase the protection.

That said, there are two other problems that this inadvertently solves. Maybe it was intentional but I feel like our mask culture is finding new problems and new solutions for  them.

First, nobody can hear you in a mas but by the simple logic of putting the microphone on this side of the mask, it makes it 100 times easier to be understood.

Secondly I figured out the additional problem. This mask is unbelievably good at functioning in the wind. The wind hits the mask, and of course the mask blocks the wind.  Life is beautiful.

So sure, it’s great for covid, but since masks aren’t going away any time soon, this is a good combo to make your work and phone calls a bit easier.

You can order them online at Amazon.

Have you found problems yourself with talking on the phone through a mask or being outside with a good wind?

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