EZ- Clean Silicone Bibs

I recently received two new bibs from Happy Health Parent called the EZ-Clean Silicone Bibs.  Now as parents, grandparents, basically anyone who has fed a child knows that it’s a messy job.  Bibs are always missing, they come off too easily for little hands, and cleaning them is always a task we just do not have much extra time for.  The EZ-Clean Silicone Bibs are exactly what you need to have an easy, quick clean-up after mealtime.  I have the turquoise and lime green bibs that have an adorable bird design on them.  They are soft, comfortable, and made of 100% food-grade silicone without BPA and PVC.  I actually love that these bibs can be thrown right into the dishwasher but they are so easy to clean with a little soap and water that you don’t always need to do that.  I have accumulated an abundance of cloth bibs over the years and after one meal they usually have to go into the laundry which can take forever if you’re anything like me.  The bibs are adjustable and stack together for easy storage.  I think I may have to convert all of my children’s bibs over to silicone because it is just so much easier.