Fake Bake

Who’s getting ready for the summer? I know I am trying and my skin is super winter pale!  I was thrilled to give the great products by Fake Bake a try!  Basically the super innovative ingredients work with your individual skin tone and without dyes and gross additives give you an even much more natural tan.  First I tried out “The Face”; an “anti-aging self tanning lotion with Matrixyl-3000”.  I safely re-apply daily and I am finding it really blends with my skin.  I cannot believe how light the product is and you can even apply it at night or under makeup!  For the body, “Amplify” is great for daily application.  It is hydrating my skin while improving my tan and can even be worn under my sunscreen on my beach days!  “Legal Sunburn Blush” is blowing my mind actually.  This is actually brightening my skin like no other make-up can.  Oh; and I am pretty much never leaving the house again without my “Tinted Body Glow”.  This is just a light-weight tinted lotion that actually shimmers my skin and I am instantly beautiful!  Love you Fake Bake!  For more info please visit http://us.fakebake.com/. 

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