Amish Butter

MinervaDairy-2Pound-And-8oz-AmishButtersMy breakfast today was a little more indulgent and “creamier” with my getting to try out the amazing butter from Amish Butter.  This is churned butter the “old-fashioned” way and boy does this show!  What a quality product!  Simply a delicious addition to my warm toast!  The butter comes from Ohio based “MINERVA DAIRY” which is a family owned and operated dairy company.  This is a company who focuses only on quality and completely wholesome products by using only pasture-raised cattle.  But what is the significance in calling it “Amish Butter”?  Well this is inspired from the owners creating 2 lb rolls of butter in an effort to help out with war related rationing.  Their products are all antibiotic free, gluten-free, GMO free and also rBST free.  You can purchase the butter in traditional 2 lb rolls, 8 oz rolls and also quarter sticks.  The taste is just second to none and definitely a permanent fixture in my home.  How wonderful it is to use this product with such a great taste and know at the same time it is good for them as well.  Please make a purchase for your household: 

It will cost you around $16 per roll.  So yummy and worth it!


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