Fantastic Food Options You Must Know About

I love this blog gig and that I basically get handed new products all the time to try out.  Most of them my family ends up loving and we actually keep purchasing.  Check out a few of the great items we have been checking out this month for yourself!

nujo: This is a 100% organic superfood root brew full of everything good like chicory, quinoa, cloves and more!  I was actually scared to try this but then couldn’t believe how awesome it was. They are prebiotic items that will have your gut in check in no time at all!  This product is gluten free, plant based and caffeine free.  I tried the cold brew and adore it.  It was super delicious and refreshing and you will love it!

sukrin USA: this product line you 100% absolutely must check out for your low carb, low calorie, keto friendly, gluten-free, no sugar, all natural foods.  We love their maple syrup so much!  This is such a great guilt free way to enjoy your pancakes.  In a 2 tablespoon serving you consume less than 1 gram of sugar (WOW) and only 2 net carbs.  It tastes very good too! Oh; and my picky kids gobbled it right up on Sunday morning.  Now onto their mixes; this is loaf mix and chocolate mousse that is to die for!  No more guilt at all when you want to have a creamy rich treat at the end of a long work day.  You mix it with low fat milk and whip with a mixer; that is it!  You can also make buttercream and even ice cream with the same packet.  I cannot wait to make ice cream this weekend; totally trying that.

onNom chocolate: These are delicious chocolate bars made from organic cacao beans and Icelandic milk from their factory based in Reykjavik, Iceland.  You simply must read their chocolate making process it made me so happy to enjoy!  So many amazing options that cost about $9 a bar.  Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, almonds, caramel you name it!  I LOVE their superchocoberrybarleynibblynuttylicious bar (say that 10 times fast!)  This is so different (contains dark chocolate with cranberries, salted almonds, puffed barley and cacao nibs).  So creamy yet crunchy; you must try one!

Please check these great and unique products for yourself!