Jed North’s amazing sporting clothes

When browsing the Jed North online store, it can be a little bit intimidating. Some of the guys showcasing the sporting clothing have biceps twice as big as my thigh. But their tank tops, t-shirts, polos, and joggers are as perfect for the big-gun-gym-going  guys as they are for the rest of us.

Just a regular dude rocking Jed North attires

I am just a regular dude who likes to do my morning jog or my afternoon mountain bike run. Shorts, T-Shirts, and joggers were what I needed and I was not disappointed. As soon as you try them on, you feel the quality. They are lightweight with amazing fabric. I can bike all day, sweating in the mid-afternoon sun, and still feel comfortable.

The prices are very reasonable too. A short sleeve breathable nylon t-shirt will only set you back 23$. And that’s Canadian dollars, so my American friends will get the equivalent of 25-30% off the listed price while paying with Uncle Sam’s money.

Jed North is indeed a proud Canadian company and you will see the occasional “Toronto” or other Canadian wording on shirts or tank-top here and there.

For the ladies, an interesting selection of training bras, yoga pants, crop tops, and other female-oriented clothing is available as well. I can’t comment on those because… well… I did not try them on because they may look very weird on me.

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