Fecal Vomiting Is a Thing

fecal vomiting according to Dall E AI
vomiting according to Dall E AI

As a mom, I thought I was used to almost anything that could possibly go wrong with children but I never thought I’d hear the phrase fecal vomiting. So, today I learned about it and felt that I needed to share this new knowledge with you.

Fecal vomiting is the wonderful moment when a person actually has feces come out of their mouth. Just so you are aware, this is extremely rare. From a very old study, I found in the American Journal of Surgery, there were only 23 cases in Los Angeles.

Fecal vomiting is rare

First of all, know that it is rare. As a mother, the second I even learned about it, it became one of my top worries for my baby. I was worried, as most moms get, that I would be stuck with the situation of dealing with a baby projectile vomiting feces.

Rarely happens in babies

If it does happen to babies, it’s usually a blockage in one of the intestines. This is one of those things that parents learn about and freak out about. But, generally speaking, it doesn’t often happen.

Most often happens in adults

Adults can have the same type of intestinal blockage. It can also be an obstruction in the bowels. Clearly, this is not a good thing.

What else is fecal vomiting called?

The other term for fecal vomiting is feculent vomiting.  I think though, saying “Fecal Vomiting,” you pretty much get across the point.

Is throwing up poop a bad thing?

The fact that I found this is a question on Quora tells me why I should be concerned about society. Yes, if you vomit feces it is considered very bad.


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