Feel the Ground with Xero Shoes

image of a pair of Xero Shoes

You have heard it often. Going barefoot is healthier than wearing shoes. But, it hurts, it is cold and generally not socially accepted. So what to do? Wear uncomfortable shoes? Oh no! We choose Xero Shoes! These shoes are life-changing! Awesome for kids learning to walk and developing their feet, and great for adults who wish to have healthy feet!

The wide toe boxes let you move and spread your toes while walking. This more natural way of stepping gives you more balance and distribution of weight. The non-elevated heels give you better posture. You will love how natural these shoes feel. You will have better balance and agility and be able to walk further and longer than before! Since the sole is made with the patented FeelTrue technology, your foot can feel the world but still be protected! The only shoe that gives you the feeling of walking barefoot, but with protection!

Xero Shoes was launched by a husband and wife team. Steven started barefoot running to help his health. And he got hooked quickly! To be able to have the same feeling when he needed to walk in places you can’t get into when you have no shoes, and some surfaces that are not amenable to being barefoot, he created a new special type of shoe. These barefoot shoes are the ancestors of Xero Shoes!

Have you never tried a barefoot shoe before? You do not know where to start? Then Xero Shoes can help you out with their Find Your Shoe tool. Xero Shoes has shoes for everyday wear, running, hiking, fitness activities, or even water activities! And they have great shoes for kids too! Have them walk right from the beginning!

Shoes range from $49.99 to $119.99 and everything in between. Find the perfect style for you and change your stride today! Learn to walk with ease and get rid of the pain!