Grounded People Shoes Review

grounded people shoes

There are so many wonderful things to love about Grounded People shoes. What you see in the photo are the red Poppy shoes which, of course, look incredible.

The first amazing thing about these shoes is that they are unisex. In today’s age of gender issues, it is great to see that shoes don’t necessarily need a gender. These shoes don’t have to fit into a category of either gender and there’s no issue with it either way.

Secondly, these are all made by hand. Not only is the quality so much better but it represents that extra bit of love from the workers who make the shoes. It’s the workers in Brazil getting that extra opportunity that they might not necessarily have.

Lastly, it’s their view of using recycled materials and environmentally friendly materials. The shoes are 100% vegan and they always try to have the lowest environmental impact that they can. They use 100% recycled yarn and 100% recycled materials.

But of course, these are gorgeous shoes that look amazing and feel comfortable. With the shoe culture as it is, I’d much rather have shoes that look incredible but also speak to values that are important to me. Grounded People shoes have a  wonderful balance of both supporting great causes as well as producing an incredible product.