Fellow Ode 2 Burr Grinder (Gen 2) – A Grinder and a Piece of Art

fellow ode 2

This is not simply a grinder. The Fellow Ode 2 is a grinder that you buy for that coffee lover, who has literally everything. This is the type of grinder that has fans. People have been waiting for this grinder.

To be abundantly clear, I am not the type of man who is particularly a fan of grinders. I don’t particularly feel that the quality of a grinder or not will change my life one way or the other. But this particular grinder is one of the most beautiful grinders that I have seen.  From a man who felt indifferent, this got me excited.

First of all, it’s how it looks. It looks sleek and certainly has that modern minimalist flair that is so common as of late. But it is also the fact that this grinder has points exceptionally thought out at every stage.

And then it’s what is inside. Inside are Ode Gen 2 Brew Burrs. These are what you use to grind which makes them ridiculously durable. They’re made out of titanium.

If you ever find yourself going down the rabbit hole of burrs, this is considered to be the be-all and the end-all of grinding. It is not simply just a grinder part. Most coffee lovers will say that a burr grinder is far superior when it comes to size and flavor.

And really, that is what makes it stand out. It is not only beautiful inside, but out. What makes this unusual is the fact that it is a burr grinder, which is a different method of grinding than possibly the blades we’re used to. In fact, one article I was reading describes the only advantage of a regular blade grinder is that it’s quick and cheap. If you’re a coffee lover, burr-type grinders win across the board.

There are other design standouts. For example, Fellow magnetically aligns and functionally designs these to be as efficient as possible. Overall, as I said, this machine is a work of art.

But that said, the key here is almost an evolution of logic. If you’re into coffee and you want the best grinder, you want a burr grinder. If you want a burr grinder, then you probably want one that will fit on your counter, look gorgeous, and do the job quite well. So taking one step to the other, you could see why this is a perfect choice for anyone serious about coffee.