Winebars Review


Here is a great holiday gift idea for the wine connoisseur on your list.  Winebars – these are clever “bookends for wine.”

Winebars are sturdy, yet not super heavy; made from solid aluminum. They are a great way to display one bottle, or a few, or even stack up your favorites. Each bar weighs about 1/2 a pound. They are super sleek and actually, as I stacked my bottles on the table for a recent gathering, I realized that while this was functional for sure, it was also a kind of art on the table as well. This truly is an elegant, minimalistic organization and display. You can even toss these in the fridge. This was a game changer in my house with the bottle of white always “rolling around.”

They come in five awesome colors (white, silver, black, red, and blue). A set of two costs just under $60. I really think it is a great gift option – we just grabbed two sets for a few Secret Santa/gift exchanges we have going on next month. A very different idea and we think it’s great!

They even do custom engraving!  This is a great way to advertise your business for Corporate gifting as well!

You can grab them easily on their website, also Amazon, and Etsy to name a few.

Check out Winebars!